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About Section

Coalgaadi itself is a revolution in coal business. Here, the coal business means, business of ROAD SALE COAL . The Company eyes to uplift the age old outdated system of coal business from all its disorders and establish a business friendly B2B Online Platform, by opening the entire coal Market for the customers, which won’t just help in easing business but will act as an evolution of the business, by improving the TIME, CONSUMPTION, RATE, QUALITY and SATISFACTION of the parties involved; and will help in increasing their income alongside.
Have you ever walked over the stairs? Coalgaadi is the same, if you think of COAL and deal in it. A revolution in its kind, but that’s not where we end…it’s just the beginning.

“As the little bird learns to fly, she covers the Sky.”

Coalgaadi is the wings you are looking for; for Sky rocketing your business. Need not to worry, we are here for that. We open you the entire market for you. So the option you had earlier of 2 or 3 Coal Field based on personal relation, here increases to “500+ Coal Fields” the entire coal market and providing you the best options , the best quality, the best price, to chose. Did we forget to say, WE HAVE 30 YEARS OF COAL BUSINESS OFFLINE EXPERIENCE TEAM. We already told you we give you the sky to fly and that’s not it, we take the responsibility of supplying your demand on time, that would be sound. We will always excel your expectations. So , join us, get your wings and fly on your little wings..

Direct Benefit of Customer/client

  • Most importantly, on time delivery of coal.
  • Increase in Business.
  • Opening of entire Market, which at present is limited to 2-3 Coal Fields.
  • Cost price of coal and transportation will decrease.
  • 24x7 customer care service for the customers.
  • Also the GPS system installed in the trucks will them to known the exact location of the trucks

Indirect Benefit of Customer/client

Its not just Idea that makes a company great, but it’s the experience that takes an idea to greatness. The process of the company won’t just help in easing business but will help in the development of the nation. Since the present model is outdated, the potential hidden inside the business Is unable to come up to the mark. When our company will come into picture, the entire scenario will change. As every customer will receive their ordered coal on time, which is the biggest problem, since the beginning of the business, which ultimately will increase their production and the Customers (The small Scale Industries) will grow, which obviously will increase employment. Now, as this, change will come throughout the nation. On adding, all these positive changes in the small scale industries, a large employment generation sector will come into picture in nearby future. The Most Important part of this is; the employment will be generated in the backward areas; since most of the small scale industries are established in the backward areas of Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, Bengal, Chattisgarh.

Clients Section

Happy clients all over India

Media Section

Video conference with Honourable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi

About Our Team

Ramesh Bhagat

"The mustache and hair change their color, time leaves its mark.
So does a man; 'the man' with his deeds."
Mr. Bhagat , small player in Road Sale Coal and for 30 Odd years he steadfastly carried on. Until now, his business, which he started with the motive of feeding his family, his son Gautam Bhagat turned his father's business into a firm, a company, a dream, a passion..
Coalgaadi thanks him for all his contributions and being there for guiding.

Gautam Bhagat
CEO & Founder

As heard from sages, the humming voices full of knowledge and perspectives –broadening with every breath.
Raised under the blanket of dusty Coal streets, a place unknown to all, else than counting hunger and depravity, walking over fallen leaves.

Some birds are wise enough; they can’t be caged. - Gautam Bhagat

Gautam Bhagat comes from a village in Jharkhand named Rajrappa. As written in the pages of his diary, he decided to bring Revolution in the place, rather than running away from there for better life.
A Revolutionary idea, he kept working on, and his hard work turned it into reality. Providing employment to local educated and uneducated folks, which with time will increase a lot as the business will rise.

“In reality, the sun never sets, its brightness and warmth is same for all.”

So why can’t we grow, seeds he says and smiles. Take it, as you please. - Gautam Bhagat

Sunil Kumar
Chief Executive Head(CEH) & Founder

Some man are born with a bad sign. Yeah! bad sign of having great taste of Passion. They forget their body of dust and bones and take life as a Power to Create noble paths and live for..
Sunil Kumar hunted down all social norms of the society he belongs, as a wild wolf does when left alone. The society, whose head rests under grey soil, he ran through the jungle for his goals.

Gautam Kumar
Chief Operating Officer(COO)

Abhishek Kumar
Chief Technical Officer(CTO)

Niraj Kumar Singh
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer(CMO)

Rahul Kumar
Founding Member
Chief Creative Officer(CCO)
Delhi University,


If you have a flame within,
Youthful and burning.
A passion for the purpose,
You think you were born with.

Come and join the revolution of Nation building as a soldier of your motherland.
Hold the flame in your hand,
if you think you can.
Be a part of the greatest Orchestra,
and together we will make India great.

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